Tim Lampe Residency:
Book me for a short-term project with your in-house brand team

Tim Lampe is an Atlanta-based Art Director who approaches creative work as a casual absurdist. He has worked in-house for MailChimp, CNN, & Yik Yak and created freelance brand work for Samsung, Target, Slack, Netflix, Intercom, and Society of Grownups. Now, Tim is taking his studio on the road for his 2017 Residency project.

During my time on internal brand teams I've found them to be a magical space where the stories your brand & your product tell are shaped. and your internal culture is defined. It's a joy to create authentic work that communicates your vision to both your customers and your team. I’m thrilled to come in and help champion your brand!

Things We Can Explore



Marketing Blog Imagery
I create, direct and build out a library of images (illustration or photo art direction) to convey the unique story of your brand and the content you'll post about. This could be a general library of images to use for marketing purposes, social or blog posts for your brand. Example here.

Product/Feature Launch Campaign
 I art direct unique assets for a new feature or product launch. Whether it's a landing page, set of gifs or graphics for social or web. See an example here.

Internal publications/promotions

Internal Culture Collateral 
I help with creation of internal brand assets. That could include internal collateral (magazines, newspapers, posters), merch (t-shirts, banners, books) or profiles of internal culture. Examples here.



Additional Services for Residency:

- Creative concept photography
- Creative Workshops
- Social campaigns
- Photograph Brand Style Guides
- Individual project art direction
- Brand team advisement

Rates start at $1500 per day and vary with the length of residency, travel, and materials required.

What To Expect:
We'll start by determining the best opportunity to work with your brand team, and set the scope and length of the project.

Then we'll finalize dates, discuss what the process will look like, and I will travel to the city of your team and begin the residency.

At the end of our time together, we'll have made brand magic and I'll provide you with resources to keep it going with your team.

Questions? Let's talk: