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Tim Lampe


In 2015 I worked on the marketing team inside MailChimp and brought my brand of weird to their brand material for internal employees, external customers and everywhere you see Freddie worldwide.


Beyond Tesslerand Sponsorship Ad

I was tasked to create a sponsorship ad for MailChimp for their part in beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf for 2015. I wanted to play with the FuzzCo designed MailChimp playing cards with Freddies all over them. I explored an idea that I thought was fun to resurrect: the cascading ending of Microsoft Windows Solitaire from the mid 90's. You know which one I'm talking about. The one where upon finish, the king's start cascading across the screen and the others follow suit. For everyone who caught this wink in the ad, it was sure to put a smile on their face. 


MailChimp Benefits Team

The benefits team at MailChimp needed their own little mark for an internal newsletter they were sending around so I was tasked with making a fun logo. I tried my hand at both business casual and just plain fun. 


Internal Support Stickers

Throughout my time at MailChimp, we got to create work for employees. We often got to create achievement stickers for support agents to put on their banana trophy. I had fun playing with ideas for Participation in Charity Event, Worked on a Holiday, and Completed Espresso Training. Looks great on a banana. 


Kaiser Permanente 5K T-Shirt design

Coming off last year's best t-shirt design at the Kaiser Permanente 5K, the pressure was on for me to follow up with another fun design for our company representation in the corporate 5K event in Atlanta. I decided to throw in some shapes and get playful. 


Multivariate Testing Marketing

When launching Multivariate Testing for all users, I was tasked with creating fake content for marketing screens. I was tasked with art directing a shoot from start to finish to mimic a "fall shirts" campaign. I got to scout a model, pick t-shirts and background colors and set up lighting and shoot it in the studio myself. It was a big task but the final images came out perfectly for this model campaign. 


MC API 3.0

When MailChimp API hit 3.0 earlier this year, I was asked to create art around the big 3 point 0. I created art for the guide cover as well as other explorations involving the 3. My main art revolved around a tetris-like illustration of the 3.0. 

Primary Logo, incorperating a film icon 

Primary Logo, incorperating a film icon 


A Freddie-shaped Ice Cream Sandwich

I'm that Ice Cream Sandwich guy, so it was everyone's guess as to how long it would take before I incorporated it into MailChimp. Turns out it was not that long, as I collaborated to create a Ice Cream Sandwich made out of clay in the shape of Freddie's head to life. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, and then I had to photograph and tile it. Freddie never looked so delicious. 

Design for enamel pins

Design for enamel pins


Grace Hopper Custom Tattlys

We were tasked with designing custom tattly designs for MailChimp's sponsorship of the Grace Hopper Conference in Fall 2015. 


Odds and Ends

If there was extra time, I'd get in the studio with some of the other creatives there and we'd create miscellaneous  photos. There are a few of those.