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CNN Elections 2012

A fully-responsive elections results experience for CNN

Part of the product design at CNN, I was tasked with helping design the experience for the 2012 Elections for CNN. This was the first foray into responsive design for CNN, based on a 960 grid and designed to look great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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The Goldest Egg

Rebranding for a thriving music PR group

I was tasked with creating a new logo and identity system for music PR group The Goldest Egg. Identity rollout included print and social as well.

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Horse E-Posters

The internet's best twitter account gets visualized

Horse eBooks (@horse_ebooks) is a twitter account that spews seemingly random snippets from actual e-books on the web. The thoughts are nonsensical, hilarious out of context. As a personal project, I decided to start illustrating my favorite tweets into posters. The resulting tumblr and printed posters were a hit among internet dwellers who flock to see the next tweets from the horse.

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CNN Sandy One Year Later

A photographic essay presented exclusively on Instagram for CNN and through the VSCO platform

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This was a passion project originally set to revisit the most Instagrammed event in history; Hurricane Sandy. Along with photographer Keith Weaver, we set out to see how much progress had been made in a year since the historic storm hit the New York area. We visited with families and heroes in Staten Island, Rockaway Beach and the Jersey Shore and told their stories of optimism and recovery. The story was presented originally through Instagram, cataloguing 3 stories over 4 days on the platform for CNN. The response was incredible; over 30,000+ likes and hundreds of comments. People responded overwhelmingly to the stories we told of people making a difference and having an incredible outlook after a terrible event. The collaboration extended with Visual Supply Company putting together a VSCO Journal piece as well as a VSCO x CNN grid of additional stories. The coverage helped solidify a goal for CNN on Instagram as telling original and compelling stories in the CNN vein through a new platform. It brought thousands of new followers to CNN on the platform and lots of praise. It set the standard for what CNN could accomplish on a mobile platform with a new audience.

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Summer Of Ice Cream Sandwiches

Celebrating summer with a throwback to the days of Ice Cream Sandwiches #SummerOfIceCreamSandwiches

For Summer 2014, I wanted to explore pushing a concept as far as I could over the Instagram platform, so I set out to exploit one of my favorite treats growing up: Ice Cream Sandwiches. It was an exercise in execution and not overthinking. It was taking something universal and putting it in uncommon places, to make the viewer believe there is an alternate universe in which Ice Cream Sandwiches don’t melt fast and are universally available.