Setting up a stupid super easy casual video chat for Slack





Art Director


Tim Lampe
Casey Labatt-Simon


I was brought on as an art director to see through the marketing material and promotions revolving around Slack's new video chat feature. It's super easy, super fun and accesible. I got to solve how to tell the story of Slack's Video calls over marketing gifs and ads. 


Figuring out the Product

There were three primary use cases to show off for the new video DM product. They wanted to showcase expanded communication options, quick and easy start from Slack, and interactive participation without interuption.


The Rough Roughs

There were so many things you could do with Slack video chat, and with all the use cases, it became clear right away that bringing that across in a simple illustration would be harder than I anticipated. The roughs below just got too complicated too quickly, and had to be discarded. 


Final Assets

The last part was to put together a feature video for messaging on Yik Yak. I continued the same concept with the characters DJ Skillyrax and TravelLucy. It had to bring across the idea of messaging on Yik Yak, although not show exactly how to use that feature. All art direction was my own, with the animation put together by Casey Labatt Simon. The final video can be seen below. 


A Little Extra Fun

There was one additional request, and that was to help design a special package that would be sent out to promote the video message feature. I illustrated custom emojis to cut out to send lucky Slack fans so they can have their emoji IRL and mimick the Slack video feature. I crafted a pattern for inside the box too, and they provided print-your-own PDFs for the launch. 

Emoji cutouts to mimick the video feature 

Emoji cutouts to mimick the video feature 

Inside box pattern for Slack video launch

Inside box pattern for Slack video launch