Summer of Ice Cream Sandwiches where sammies are plentiful and never melt.







Tim Lampe



For Summer 2014, I wanted to explore pushing a concept as far as I could over the Instagram platform, so I set out to exploit one of my favorite treats growing up: Ice Cream Sandwiches. The project allowed me to combine photography with my design sensibilities. It was an exercise in execution and not overthinking. It was taking something universal and putting it in uncommon places, to make the viewer believe there is an alternate universe in which Ice Cream Sandwiches are plentiful and don’t melt fast.


The Photo Series

I spent two summers conceptualizing and then seeing through ideas around Ice Cream Sandwiches. I didn't know quite how to execute them in the best way, but I knew I had to see them through. Below are a selection from the series. 


The Ice Cream Sandwich Gazette

The second summer of ice cream sandwiches meant that I needed to create something more elaborate to announce that that summer was back. I'm a fan of designing and printing things for photos that would require a lot of time commitment to pull off and so I had decided that a newspaper was the best way to do this. I wanted to create a small print product to send to many people who had shown a lot of love and support over various internet platforms, so this seemed perfect.

The commitment was much larger than I anticipated but I took it upon myself to write 6+ satirical stories and design a faux-sammie paper layout. The result, I'm proud to say, will make ice cream enthusiasts proud. 

I printed and mailed 50 copies of this newspaper to some of my favorite people and asked them to tag it #SammiesAreBack on Instagram on Twitter. Everyone got very playful with it.