Making a Fake-Real Newspaper as a Promotion Tool

For the second Summer of Ice Cream Sandwiches, I decided to send out a promo piece for all the people who showed their appreciation. Some of my earliest influences came from the work of filmmakers Zucker Abrams Zucker, known for their work on Airplane, Top Secret! and The Naked Gun. I love sight gags, elaborately drawn out and executed ideas. If the Summer of Ice Cream Sandwiches started out as me creating a universe where Sammies were plenty, then why not create a newspaper for that universe. 

Enter the Ice Cream Sandwich Gazette, the only trustworthy newsource for all things ice cream sandwiches. I planned it enough ahead of time that I'd be able to get it out with enough time before the first day of summer. 

The whole thing was a bit of satire, with all the articles and pieces being written and put together by myself. I'm not a confident writer, but satire allows me to indulge in my craziest tendencies. 

You can certainly see the project at a glance right here, so let me just sum up what I learned from making this:

People Love Unconventional Promotional Items
I didn't consider this piece a promo item for myself until another creative referred it to as such. I was just making it for fun to reward everyone on Instagram and Twitter who had spent a whole summer indulging me in my project. It wasn't inherently a promo piece first, so it never came across as overtly promotional when people received it.

Writing Newspaper Content is Hard
I had no idea what I was doing going into this. I couldn't find a local place to get newspapers printed. Someone tipped me off to The Newspaper Club and they were very helpful in seeing this through. I wrote 6+ articles myself and I wrote way more than would fit in here, but thankfully I can put some of the unused stuff in my parts bin

Rewarding Specific People Makes This a Lot More Fun
The back side of the newspaper was set aside as faux-ads. I decided to target some of my favorite creative people on Instagram, or people who were very vocal on being fans of this project. The texts, tweets, 'grams I received when they received their newspapers were priceless. Reward the people who stood behind you. 

Take Everything to the Next Level
Yes, I've repeated this line over and over with everything I do, but I mean it. I love to be elaborate and if there's a way to elevate a creative idea to the next insane level, just do it. Don't think too hard about it.